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Startups are on the brink of solving one of the biggest problems with shopping online

Naked Labs can give a detailed breakdown of a user's health statistics, but it could also have big implications for retailers. One of the biggest advantages of shopping for clothing online — not having to try things on — is also one of its biggest drawbacks. Now several tech startups are locked in a race to create new technology that could change that.

California-based startup Naked Labs is one of them. It recently unveiled a 3D body-scanning mirror with a connected rotating scale that sends detailed information about your health, weight, body mass index, and body measurements to the connected mobile app. While the technology is currently targeted at the world of fitness, its uses are limitless.

In fact, it's already looking at ways to partner with fashion retailers to create an online world where you can virtually shop for outfits fitted precisely to your measurements. Read more

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